microWave project
Artist: Jessica Braiterman
"Aurora"Artist: Jessica Braiterman
"Aurora"Artist: Jessica Braiterman
project 3: Cherry Blast 2010
View Jessica Braiterman's piece "Aurora" from G40 in a completely different setting!

Cherry Blast 2010 is an official event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival
Produced by The Pink Line Project
art + music dance party

Fatback DJs in the Dance Hall
DJ Chris Nitti and Matt Hemerlein in the Cherry Lounge
Maureen Andary in the Freight Elevator
DJ GOLD, The Fridge DC in the Disco Dock

Haiku Sake Bar:

Batool al-Shomrani
Jessica Braiterman
Kenny George
Patrick McDonough
Adrian Parsons
Marisa Plumb
Amber Robles-Gordon
Katie Schuler

Video art:
Curated by Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Jason Martin
David Horvitz
Mark Hosford
Grant Worth
Brent Stewart
Robert Spees
Amber Hawk Swanson
Lynn Lu
Eunjung Hwang

Make Out Room created by Albus Cavus!

Marshmallow Arts Play Room!