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What Matters Most by James Walker
What Matters Most (A succinct account of the importance of the creative process and how it perpetuates my very existence) Subtitled: What I can’t Live Without.

Statement: ….we’re all out here searching for ways to make our lives full
and meaningful and in doing so it’s important to remember rudimentary
thermodynamics and the fact that nothing will ever retain its current physical form
and as a result intangible items often carry more poignancy, consolation, ease,
and satisfaction ….

….whenever I’ve had some spare change in my pocket I’ve always opted
to spend it not on fancy shoes or gold bracelets or even food, but rather on art
supplies or to finance some sort of adventure that might prove inspirational.
Things that make my life full and satisfying are experiences and the ability to
make art. I could do well without most anything else. The tangible outcomes of this semi-tangible concept are my artistic creations and the objects and debris that I gather along the way. Making art is what I live for and coincidently it is my creative process that keeps me enveloped in life….

….and oddly enough I’m actually most at ease when I’m free from all the
standard comforts of home and I have found that the more comfortable I get, the
more uneasy I become. I need my environment to always be new and changing,
challenging, and unpredictable. I create the things that comfort me, my artwork, and I am constantly surrounded by it.

This installation is a translation of my feelings regarding the items I can’t
live without….and so in a direct attempt to make neither social commentary nor
hyperconceptual hyperbole I present a concise and historically accurate catalog
of my personal possessions….

Bio: …..I never made a conscious decision to become an artist, it’s something I’ve always done for as long as I can remember. Art gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me alive. It is my mistress and the fuel that propels me through my daily adventures….

….I take pictures and draw and paint and collage debris and objects as intuitively as possible and I’ve never specialized in anything except making the best art that I can. I don’t believe that real artists have a choice about making art, it’s simply a matter of satisfying an insatiable creative reverie…..

…..I grew up along the east coast, and a little bit in England. I’ve spent a lot of time moving around, and still enjoy traveling; a good change of scenery is always refreshing. I began my academic career at The Corcoran College of Art where I received my BFA
in photography. I then attended The Savannah College of Art and Design for my MFA, also in photography. Currently I reside in Northern Virginia and when I’m not making art I’m skating or hanging out with Brenna and Scully, my border collies….

…..I am formally trained in photography, self-taught in all other aspects of art and I take a documentary approach to most everything I do with my work. I’ve always felt that my most successful pieces are ones that develop as a natural extension of existing. Conceptually my work comes from a frantic need to dissect the simulacra of the present moment and to be enveloped as completely as possible in every second of every day

…..any reoccurring themes are simply a byproduct of this artistic process…..

Visit James's website at www.jameswalkerblog.com
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