microWave project
artist: Yasmin Spiro
Title: Xandau

Statement: The installation Xanadu considers concepts and theories within the world of 'futuristic architecture' from the 50's - 80's and the desire to enclose, encapsulate and protect individuals and communities. These ideas were undercurrents to much of this period of exploration of the futuristic dwelling and city. This period also explored the idea of the city as an organism and the communication that exists within that structure in macro and micro ways - from individual relationships to larger communities. It also integrates memories of the physical landscape of cities and places. The wavelength of communication is threaded literally and figuratively through the piece as it hangs, stretches, binds, braids, coils, reaches and suspends in the space.

Bio: Yasmin Spiro, a Jamaican artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Working in installation, sculpture, film, drawing and mixed media. Her work explores issues of the female identity, cultural identity and socio-economic issues within the framework of urban development and social politics. Often through the lens of the Caribbean - specifically Jamaica.
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