microWave project
Artist: Mahasti Ymudd
Title: Bound-s-linkage
Variable multimedia installation: video, iron, steel
An Iranian born American, Mahasti YMudd, grew up in Tehran during both repressive regimes of Shah and Islamic theocracy. YMudd lives and works in DC Metropolitan area; she has earned an MFA in studio arts and interdisciplinary practices from Maine College of Art in 2008 and a BA in Studio Arts with concentration in sculptural/video installations from University of Maryland in 2003. She has shown her work up and down east coasts of the United States and in Finland. YMudd has enjoyed collaborations with others, colleagues and friends, through which she investigates change, movement and embodiment. YMudd’s focus oscillates inbetween impact of moving energies, through which bodies exchange and how things affect our movements somatically, spatially and culturally. Her practice is an-other way to embody a deeper understanding of the world she partakes.

YMudd’s current research, a merging of performance/video/sculpture, is mapping connections between the spatial and physical movements of our bodies as we move through social spaces. “bound~s~linkage” is a site specific installation made out of cast iron works and an ongoing video performances. These iron sculptures are from garments that she had
collected (clothes worn by other members of society) and then, folded up in a series of video performances, which I later casted in iron. Integration of these iron cast sculptures is an attempt to mark specificity of importance that others proliferate in her movement and changes in life.

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