microWave project
Artist: Lisa Schumaier
Title: Education
Mixed Media - Raku, Found Objects
Lisa Schumaier’s work is comprised of raku ceramics, recycled materials, found objects and bits of nature. She tries to let the world influence the direction in which she is heading. An interesting discarded “treasure,” collected while wandering with her dogs, is often the inspiration for new work. She seeks to explore all the things that make us who we are: the tragedies as well as the triumphs, the interesting flotsam washed up and lodged in our souls that create a whole person. Perfect is so seldom perfect. Mistakes are often the first step down a new path that you are not yet aware is the right one.

Lisa Schumaier was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1982 she earned her BFA in ceramics and printmaking from Radford Univserisity, but did not pursue art as a career until 1996, when after facing a personal tragedy, a friend led her to Northern Virginia Community College where she began taking ceramics classes as a way of healing. At first she produced lots of small brown bowls. Gradually she began to sculpt, to explore, and learned to express herself with clay. In 2004 Lisa was juried into the Torpedo Factory Art Center and began to work full time as an artist. Many of her pieces now deal with relationships and interdependence with a strong cord of humor running throughout. Lisa now live in Del Ray with one husband, one cat, and two dogs.

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