microWave project
Artist: Gabriel Pons
Title: Tribute to Ai Weiwei: 21st Century Revolutionary
4 Mixed Media on Panels, Ceramic Shards
Gabriel Pons is a mixed-media artist based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he and his wife own PONSHOP an art gallery and retail storefront. Their mission is to share their love for art and design with their community through art exhibits, student workshops, and events. Gabriel graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelorʼs degree in Architecture in 1997 and after working in the profession for eight years, he and his wife began pursuing their shared goal of owning their own studio and gallery. Gabriel’s work encapsulates inspiration from his travel experiences, his love of skateboarding and street art. The act of layering found text and imagery in a composition speaks to the nature of urbanity—a kaleidoscope of many different languages, cultures, and seemingly disparate images that when combined, creates new meaning and makes apparent inherent relationships between the parts.

His installation, Tribute to Ai Wei Wei: 21 Century Revolutionary, is intended to inform viewers of the contemporary Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei, who has been detained by Chinese Authorities since April 3, 2011. The work brings to question “what is criminal?” considering the fact that Ai has been the target of camera surveillance, physical abuse and the demolition of his artist studio in Shanghai by the hands of Chinese officials. Most recently, the website change.org, which has been petitioning for Ai’s release came under a cyber attack from within China.

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