microWave project
Artist: Kelly O'Brien
Title: Grace In Full Bloom
Found book pages, frosted mylar, handmade paper, pigment ink, straight pins, thread, monofilament, tulle dress form, paint, decal
DC-area mixed media artist Kelly O’Brien’s work is intimate and personal, with a bent towards exploring things that have remained unspoken, secret or denied. In both her sculptural books and prints, she experiments with tactics to reveal some secrets, while keeping others. Her work attempts to create structures that can accommodate what can’t yet be said alongside what she must say. Layers, translucency, hidden compartments, storytelling, images, and staged revelation are her current forms of expression. She challenges herself – and by extension anyone who interacts with her work – to risk saying what we most deeply want to say, while respecting the need for privacy when it matters. O’Brien’s work can be found in public and private collections, at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA.

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