microWave project
Corwin Levi
"Lines on Acrylic"
This piece deals with layers of words and layers of images built on top of each other until the bottom levels are blurred and obscured in a large allegorical system. On any given layer, words are connected to images by lines such that the words could be labeling images or the images labeling the words. Among other things, the piece investigates the result of putting a verbal manifestation of a system alongside an image-based one. It examines the dialogue between images and words that come into existence together as expressions of one idea.

Corwin Levi is a visual artist who spends mornings drawing cloud monsters, afternoons crafting cardboard swords to chase them away, and nites painting stars the cloud monsters captured. He also studies how many times the letter "i" can be squeezed into shine and wonders why Sally says some stars shine like seashell shores. Previously this year he has had residencies in the Czech Republic, Austerlitz, NY, and at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. He also organized an art event in Detroit this spring, had a solo show at Hillyer Art Space in August, and has a solo show at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, VA through September. Click Here to see more of his work.
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