microWave project
Artist: Deb Jansen
"Then The Window Opened"
Every time a door closes, a window opens. For all of the doors that slammed shut in my life in the last couple of years, Artomatic 2009 was my window. My installation there, "Catharsis&Karma: An open thank you letter to a homewrecker" started as an exercise in reestablishing my self-worth, and turned into a manifesto for anyone who has lived through something where they felt thay had no voice and no choice. "Then the window opened," is about the transformation that has happened in my life since picking up the paint marker at Artomatic, and where that transformation is taking me. How it has expanded my world exponentially and moved me in directions - as an artist and a person - I have never dreamed possible. Moving forward, I'm working to make Catharsis&Karma.com a reality. It will provide an online opportunity for others to have the same safe window to regain their voice as I found at Artomatic, without the fear of retribution or violence and the resources to let them know they aren't alone. They just have to claim their window.

Deb Jansen received her BA in art a long time ago in a land far, far away. After a short stint as art director for Michael Moore in Flint, Mi, she escaped to Chicago to make it big. With 25 years experience as a graphic designer and a stack of awards, she now prefers to make shit with her hands in her studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and is determined to prove it is never too late to be considered an "emerging artist."
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