microWave project
Artist: Lisa Schumaier
"Infanta Margarita and the Birds"
The artist first saw “Las Meninas” at the Museo del Prado in Madrid when she was eight years old. The size of the piece, it’s rich colors, and the powerful imagery of the life-sized pampered princess and all of her attendants was dazzling.

The Infanta is beautiful, we love her, she get’s whatever she wants. She stands for Us as a society, but that kind of consumption has environmental consequences, hence the birds gone wild.

The installation is made with mostly recycled materials - birds printed onto yellow pages, old newspapers, pie tins, and Bradford Pear tree branches that fell in the last snow storm. Her head and hands are Raku-fired ceramics.

Lisa Schumaier was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Since her first encounter with play dough in the early 60s she has been fascinated with sculpting. Her Public school education began at Lyles Crouch elementary school where Mr. Davenport taught art. He never said that the sky should not be green and he let everyone use as much tape and glue as they needed. Many of her works now deal with relationships and interdependence with a strong cord of humor running through all of it. “You have to laugh even when it hurts. Laughter is very strong medicine.”

Lisa now lives in Del Ray with one husband, one cat, and two dogs. She can be found working in her studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, (studio 13).
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