microWave project
Artist: Christian Benefiel
This work is about displacement and occupation of space. As air in the space is cycled through the piece, it imposes on the personal space of the audience. The work calmly defends and invades intimidating without threatening, retreats and repeats.

Christian earned his BFA from East Carolina University (NC) and his MFA from the University of Maryland. He is represented by Hamiltonian Artists in DC and has exhibited his sculptures throughout the East Coast and Europe.

His installation at G40 is a large room filled inflatable piece, “Untitled”, made up of Kevlar, blower unit, mixed media and motion sensor. The piece comes alive as viewers enter the small room located in the corner of the 8th floor (DC Floor) activating the blower unit and slowing expanding the large ball shaped piece. If you stand there long enough the piece begins to expand to the point of filling the entire room and lifting the ceiling tiles of the small room.

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Hamiltonian Gallery.
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